Started by Greg and Heather Shapiro, Tastebuds has always been focused on family.

In fact, it was Chef Greg’s love of creating delectable food for his family’s table which eventually led to the company.

We take great pride in catering unique events, especially those based on special stories. Known for fresh, personalized food of only the highest quality, Tastebuds is proud to blend our passion, talent and experience with the imaginations of clients throughout Southwest Florida.

Our mission.

Our mission is to create memorable occasions by offering custom experiences with handcrafted food and personalized service for discerning clients who have an appreciation for exceptional quality and a fine attention to detail. In doing so we will work tirelessly to elevate the standard in our industry and aim to inspire our team members, customers and community through the universal language of food.

We will elevate the standard in our industry by being PROFESSIONAL in the way that we work, dress, speak and treat others.

We will be DRIVEN in the pursuit of growth and opportunities that allow us to maintain a healthy, sustainable and profitable company that offers stability to our employees and community.

We will aim to be ADVENTUROUS and innovative by setting new trends in order to offer our guests unique and one of a kind experiences.

We will respect life outside of the workplace and the importance of BALANCE when measuring opportunities, even if it means saying no. More is not better, better is better.

We will pursue EXCELLENCE, even understanding that perfection is not attainable.

We will exhibit memorable HOSPITALITY by anticipating needs, looking for ways to improve the guest experience, and being generous with our attention.

We will operate a business with INTEGRITY along ethical guidelines and intentions, utilizing transparency and honesty, and we will never compromise the company’s reputation for the sake of a win or sale.

We will COLLABORATE with each other and with our clients to develop personalized events that are individually unique, with a fine attention to detail.

Executive Chef

Greg Shapiro

A culinary professional for over 20 years, Greg is dedicated to creating incredible experiences and custom menus for every event. His passion, commitment to innovative flavors and love of challenges are an integral part of what we are all about.

Greg’s most valuable experience came from observing and working with talented chefs. Growing up, he also prepared meals at home and in his high school culinary class, where the Tastebuds name was born.

Outside the kitchen, Greg enjoys attending and educating at catering seminars and conferences, sharing with others in the industry and learning about new trends. He also loves Land Rovers and is proud to be an Overland junkie. In fact, his bucket list includes conquering the Trans America Trail in one.

Favorite Tastebuds dish: House Hot Smoked Salmon

Driven by excellence and client delight.

Our Food.

We hold ourselves to the highest level of service and quality. At Tastebuds, the plate is a canvas for only one thing: your fresh, imaginative and unforgettable masterpiece. Bon appétit!

Part of our green initiative.

Green is yummy.

Tastebuds is committed to responsible, environmentally sustainable practices. We incorporate organic, locally produced and sustainable food and drinks whenever possible. We choose pest-free, local and sustainable florals for our designs, as well as reuse and reclaim decor after all events. We even repurpose wine into vinegar in our no-waste kitchen. A better future is a top priority, and we continue adding ways to do our part.
Just a small sampling of gestures from Tastebuds clients and guests.

Notes of love.